“Materiality and Iconicity”

We are happy to announce that Liquid Things will be supported by a new team member: Marcel Finke.

And we are also happy that his latest book

“Materialität und Bildlichkeit. Visuelle Artefakte zwischen Aisthesis und Semiosis”
(= „Materiality and Iconicity. Visual Artefacts between Aisthesis and Semiosis“)

will come out in december 2012.

Marcel Finke, Mark A. Halawa (editors)

The departure point of this book is the conviction that there are no pictures without the materials and the complex practices from which they evolve. Thus, materiality and iconicity are intricately entangled right from the start. This particular relationship, however, has not been sufficiently theorized yet. The very notion of „the picture’s materiality“ still waits to be thoroughly discussed and historicised. The essays of this volume tackle this and related issues. They critically reflect on the materiality of very diverse manifestations of iconicity, and they develop their arguments in case studies of various media ranging from cave painting and medieval shrine Madonnas to installation art, photography, film, and digital simulation. As a result, it becomes obvious that the “picture’s materiality” is always in a state of flux and, therefore, cannot be conceived of as a static and secure fundament.

Contributers to the book: Emmanuel Alloa, Carolin Artz, Marcel Finke, Mark A. Halawa, Ulrike Hanstein, Inge Hinterwaldner, Matthias Krüger, Stefan Meier, Dieter Mersch, Markus Rautzenberg, Marius Rimmele, Klaus Sachs-Hombach, Richard Shiff, Yvonne Schweizer, and Hellmut Winter.